POU means Pillar or Column.  UIRA can be translated as electric, activating and awakening.


POU UIRA is a Healing Haka of transformation, activating and transmitting ancient knowledge through modern day concepts.


Its story speaks about thunder, lightning and the cleansing storm between heaven and earth. It also conveys the message about the great light pillar of the present that grounds our past and future, which is also likened to the "tree of life" connecting us to the great cosmic tree of creation. It reveals the journey of the light seed, inscribed with magnificent potential, to grow, blossom and succeed,originating from the primal source named "IO" .


The POU UIRA DRUM HAKA Seminars main emphasis is on rhythm, body percussion, dance steps and drumming.

Along with waiata/song, dance/haka, meditation, ceremony and imparting of knowledge.