Welcome to Grandmothers Healing Haka

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GRANDMOTHERS HEALING HAKA INTEGRAL LEARNING PRACTICE has been developed by Ojasvin and Waimaania Iris since 2004. They have been co-creating and co-teaching ever since and are constantly refining their way of sharing around the world. Their way of being is a testemony of a dynamic interweaving between male and female and inter-cultural perspectives.


They are bringing forward their induvidual study backgrounds in Tikanga Maori, Art, Teaching, Dance, Theatre, Music and Yoga of Integral Learning and Intuitive Doing from the school of Min-I.L.I.T.


GRANDMOTHERS HEALING HAKA was created by Mere Tewake Tana, her grandson Ojasvin Kingi Davis and Whanau in 1998, inspired by the “Earth celebration” in Switzerland, an arts festival of all cultures of the world.

It is a dance that transforms lives. It is for everyone, young and old, male and female. It brings the male and female energies back into balance and creates peace within yourself, for mother earth.


HAKA is an anciant power dance practiced by Maori people from New Zealand. It is known to be vigorously expressed with strong vocal and dynamic body gestures.


GRANDMOTHERS HEALING HAKA SEMINARS are powerful, deep, liberating, safe, warm, loving, healing and joyful.

It imparts wisdom and love from the tradition of the Waitaha-Maori grandmothers, the water carriers, to encourage people to remember their own cultural roots.