Iho Tane


Iho Tane Haka


Is a power dance for men to Ignite and activate our inner potential.

Re-connecting us and re-minding us that we are a living aspect of nature in the evolving cosmos.


The power, force and message embedded within the seed and it’s intrinsic knowing, to take root, shoot and grow toward the light to become a conduit between earth and heaven.

To mature into a Living Life Tree.




Iho Tane


The essence of man


With Ojasvin Kingi Davis




What is the essence of man?


What does this mean in these modern times to be a man?




It is said that many people are now in search of their identity and their roots.


The world is embracing ancient wisdom and ancestral understanding.


It is known that to go forward we must know where we come from.


For many of us the past can be painful, and there are conflicts with our ancestors. What happened ? Let us research in an unconventional way.



In my homeland Aotearoa, New Zealand. Life on the Marae, our sacred community complex.

Roles between male and female are well respected and the protocol’s are still upheld in these contemporary times.




An important question for me is:


How do we liberate ourselves and free our ancestors to welcome a loving and dignified future, for ourselves and our children’s children?






means: Heart, essence, inside, inner core, kernel, umbilical cord




means: God of the Forest, man, male




God of the Forest Tane, one of his names is Tane-mahuta. Of all his siblings the bringer of Te Ao the world of light, he was the one who could separate Ranginui and Papatuanuku, Father Sky and Mother Earth. From their eternal love embrace within the long nights of Te Po.

Tane also attained the name Tane-nui a Rangi, when he achieved climbing up to Te Tikitiki o Rangi the upper most heaven.

  He reached Io-Matua-Te-Kore. The supreme being and creator source, who gifted him the three baskets of knoweldge to share with mankind.


Te Kete Tu a Uri - Te Kete Tu Atea - Te Kete Tu Aronui