March 2024-June 2024

(3 Weekends & 3 single days)


Kia ora

Muramura is a prayer/song and dance telling the story of the sacred fire within us.

It loves to be accompanied by the wonderful Haka of Titaha Ahikaa with a men and a women part.


This formation is for those who feel the desire to share these elements in their own work and life.


You will learn:

The prayer/song Muramura

The Healing Haka Titaha Ahikaa

To lead the song and Haka

Profound background from the Maori Culture

Spiritual understandings


In detail:


Muramura Haka Short Training - Towards the inner fire of courage!


Haka dances are known to many as the martial dances of the Maoris. But there is much more behind it. Healing Haka is ritual and meditation as well as breath and movement. It is profound, liberating, lovely, playful and healing at the same time.


In this course you will dive deep into the knowledge of the indigenous people of New Zealand. You will explore the Healing Haka Tiaha Ahikaa as well as the prayer/song Muramura and learn to teach both yourself and to use them in your work.



Learn to share Healing Haka


Nourish your life energy, take a deep breath and arrive in your power. With every syllable and every movement you connect more strongly with your own roots, unfold your potential and rid yourself of old burdens.


The focus of this training is to impart knowledge in a holistic way and to experience the transforming power of Healing Haka yourself. In addition to learning how to teach, self-experience and working on yourself is an important component. This allows you to pass on the Tiaha Ahikaa Haka and the prayer Muramura in their depth and to use them specifically in your work.



Muramura - The attraction of the glowing flame 


Muramura is a sung prayer. It tells of the unity, movement and beauty that lies in the glow of the flame. It is able to ignite our passion and joy, which radiates deep in our heart. Its power nourishes the dance of creation, where the masculine and feminine playfully flow into each other and our bud sits.


Muramura accompanies us back to the source, towards our inner fire of courage and our Kundalini energy.



Tiaha Ahikaa Haka Dance


Beautifully interwoven, the Tiaha Ahikaa Haka and Muramura create an enormous presence. We use this to connect with our innermost core, the element of fire and our own fire in the heart. Masculine and feminine energy are allowed to intertwine - unity emerges.



Abundance Exchange:


All teaching sequences inclusive snacks 1439 CHF



To be confirmed, when we have gathered enough inerest.

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