Tour 2018


At the heart beat of Turtle Island through Aotearoa - New Zealand


28 January 10am - 10 February 5pm



Grandmothers Healing Haka Charitable Trust hosts one tour per year with a maximum of 32 participants. These tours are created affordable for you and sustainable for us, supporting local Maori communities and businesses.

What we offer you is a unique experience and a genuine cultural exchange with our wonderful Whanau (family) and friends here in Aotearoa.


Abundance exchange:

NZD 3100




- 2 hotel stays in comfortable double or triple bedrooms

- 11 nights in 4 different traditional Maori family Marae (where we all sleep together in one room)


- Full meals during tour (excl. Waitangi Day breakfast&lunch)


- Pick-up form Auckland Airport or your Hotel in Auckland 

  on 27th or 28th January

- Drop off at Auckland Airport or your Hotel in Auckland on 10th of February

- Transport during tour in minivan or small bus


- Waitangi day cultural Maori experience

- Powhiri (Maori Welcome Ceremony)

- Rowing classes

- Visiting Tane Mahuta, 2000 years old tree God of the Forest

- Romiromi/Mirimiri Maori Healing Session

- Traditional Maori Weaving course

- Haka (Maori dance) and Waiata (songs) 

- Healing exercises

- Meditation

- Hangi (Maori traditional cooking) experience

- Kauri Art Gallery visit

- Teachings and sharing by Maori elders in many places along our sacred journey

- Visiting waterfalls and ocean sites for refreshing swims


- Tour guiding to the most amazing places up North


- Ceremonies and rituals by Ojasvin and Waimaania and Maori Elders


- Lots of laughter and crying with unforgettable memories!


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