Uri Marama Toa

The Uri Mārama Toa Healing Haka is the first Haka of this kind and is also known as "Grandmothers Healing Haka". It was written by Ojasvin's and his  grandmother Mere Tewake Tana in 1998, with the support of Uncle Hone and the whānau (family).


This sacred dance shares the story of the family and the warriors of light, encouraging all people to stand strong in their light of truth. It is a calling to connect with one’s own true nature by following the heart and soul purpose. It is a calling  to live the legacy, that has been inscribed in us and leave a better world for our children’s children, the generations to come.


We are encouraged to action our thoughts and experience the knowledge to gain wisdom and understanding, to connect with our own true nature and the greater potential.