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20181013 Info day HRA Te Tipu flyer J re
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Celebration de la Terre Unie
Chardenoux July 19
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Festival with Shamans from the 4 corners of the world
Chardenoux July 19
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Article Healing Haka by Sources
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Iho Wahine 2019
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Iho Tane 2019
Iho Tane19.jpg
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Universite d'ete du Chamanisme
Trimurti August/September 19
Présentation de la 1ère Université d'
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Grandmothers Healing Haka Uri Marama Toa
Lenzwald May 19, Germany
UMT Lenzwald 19 Online.pdf
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HRA Concert Thones 2019
Graduation Concert 2019.jpg
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Uri Marama Toa Healing Haka 4-8 Sept Sagnol, France
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