Feedback Seminars

Grandmothers Healing Haka Intensive Seminar I, Moscow

"I am so happy that our meeting in June was held in Moscow! Our meeting has given strength to the way forward. I had a difficult period after the seminar, the energy of our haka-family is my support."




Grandmothers Healing Haka Seminar

 Pour moi, le haka est quelque chose qui se vit avec tout son être, c'est un très bon outil pour reconnecter toutes les parts de soi-même, c'est juste de l'amour.
Mais le plus important pour moi, c'est la façon dont l'amènent Iris et Ojasvin : dans un profond respect,amour de la vie, de tout ce qui la compose, dans un esprit de partage, d'enrichissement mutuel.
Ainsi chaque week-end de haka est le fruit de nombreuses rencontres, ce qui rend ces moments uniques.
Merci Vie    




Grandmothers Healing Haka Seminar in Sedona, USA

Hi everyone,

last week I went to the Healing Haka workshop in Sedona taught by the couple Ojasvin Kingi Davis and Iris Muhlack. It was great. Missed you all a whole lot! It’s a perfect complement to the flower of life workshops. I highly recommend it. There are meditations and greetings that open the heart as well as Polynesian physical fitness thru dance. What I really liked was the spirituality of the dances. These ancient dances had us “creating ball of light” and “pillars of light” while dancing. The Waitaha kept this information alive thru the ages. We scooped energy up and connected to Mother Earth and Father Sky while singing in Maori. Percussive “male” movements and chants were contrasted with the “female” greeting of touching noses, then foreheads. I really liked this greeting a lot. There was a great balance between the masculine and feminine with light hearted laughter.  The movements and breathing are specific and have meanings including creating an energy ring around yourself to protect against other’s intentions as well as cleaning your energy and healing yourself.  There was the “hula” aspect to the dance, but also a whole lot more! Note that these workshops are conducted in a “loose” Polynesian manner where there isn’t an “exact” schedule. It was 3 days long and we went with the flow. We also learned a few Celtic songs and Western flower rituals.  Iris Muhlack, who is from Switzerland, wove ancient  European spirituality into the class. I really felt the Polynesian and the European aspects blend. She co-taught the class and even taught parts of the Waitaha dances.  The couple worked as an incredible affectionate team. It was fun just to be part of an event that was conducted in this manner. Ojasvin would sometimes joke to her “what are we doing again?”

I had a good time.


Love John


Grandmothers Healing Haka Intensive Seminar 1, Switzerland

Ein Haka-Kurs mit Iris und Ojasvin ist für mich mehr als nur das erlernen eines neuseeländischen Tanzes. Es ist die Verbindung mit der uralten Kultur der Waitahas, einer Kultur, die zurückgeht bis zum Anfang der Menschheit. Wir sind gewohnt, dass unser Leben immer komplizierter wird. Doch Iris und Ojasvin verstehen es, einem mit einfachen und spielerischen Übungen und Liedern auf direktem Weg im Herz zu berühren. Dadurch werden die Haka-Kurse zu einer Lebensschule, bei der wir uns selbst begegnen und von Innen heraus beginnen, uns gegenüber unseren Mitmenschen zu öffnen. Die daraus entstehende Wertschätzung und das Mitgefühl gegenüber unseren Mitmenschen ist in den Kursen ein natürlicher Zustand und für mich einfach wohltuend. Es wäre eine wunderbare Sache, wenn wir auch in unserem Alltag so miteinander umgehen würden. Daher ist für mich Haka zu einem Teil meines Lebens geworden, denn unser Leben ist ja auch ein Tanz.



Grandmothers Healing Haka Seminar in Knoxville TN

I attended the Grandmothers Healing Haka on May 13-15, 2011 at Gypsy Hands Healing Arts Centre in Knoxville, TN. The weekend was a life-changing experience for me.

Ojasvin and Iris created a safe, protective, loving space for us to come out of our heads and into our bodies and hearts, connecting with the Divine. They are masters at creating rituals that call us into the present moment while also connecting us to the past. They created an experience where we felt like we were on an amazing trip to New Zealand, learning about their culture and beliefs, without having to leave Knoxville, TN.


Through the Grandmothers Healing Haka, they teach the power of the Divine and pure, unconditional love.

I felt an invitation to be fully present and fully in my body and spirit. I felt very safe and protected. For the first time, I owned my own Power instead of hiding it, which was life changing. I will never go back to hiding or being afraid to be who I really am.

I learned what it is like to fiercely guard and protect myself from negative influences; to be conscious to whom and what I give my energy.


They also created a safe space for me to share about a heart-breaking experience that had been weighing me down. Their loving response helped me to continue to heal the pain and move on. This amazingly rare experience is so much more than a workshop or a seminar. It is healing in its fullest form. No amount of money can reimburse Ojasvin and Iris for the remarkably generous gifts they share. I feel so blessed to be a part of it, and I’m so excited to see what comes next on my journey.