Mouna Arnaud Massin met Ojasvin in a seminar at the Yoga of Integral Learning School where he has been studying since 1999. Touched by the power and the beauty of the art of haka, he started to dance for himself and with friends to keep GMHH energy alive.  Thomas Studer, one of the first teachers trained by Waimaania & Ojasvin, introduced him to the other hakas. In 2012 Mouna participated in his first seminar with Waimaania & Ojasvin, followed by many others.


Recognized for his capacity to transmit the Uri Marama Toa Haka (UMT),  Mouna began a 3-year apprenticeship.  After graduating on the 5th of June 2016, he became the first French man qualified to teach Uri Marama Toa Haka; always going deeper into his own practice, he enjoys leading introduction UMT seminars in France, supervising a group he has trained for several years in southern France, and he is presently the assistant and translator in the Haka Rongo Aio 3 year formation.